Founded in 1921

Help protect Islip Village and the Upper Nene Valley

Dear members of Islip Bowls Club,

Are you aware that proposals to build massive distribution centres along the Nene Valley are imminent?
There are 2 between Titchmarsh and Thrapston. Many residents of Islip will have a view of these across the valley. There is another proposed at the back of Islip by the Primark building and yet another at the end of the A605 by Elton.
STAUNCH Save Titchmarsh and the Upper Nene Countryside and Habitats is working hard to prevent these unnecessary warehouses from being built. Let Islip Bowls Club members pull together to help protect the village that has had our Bowls Club there since 1921!

Please look at the website and sign the petition
and spread the word, contact your councillors and write an objection when the applications are received.

Thank you

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